Friday, December 11, 2009


Monday, August 24, 2009

On occasion we need to make a second effort - and a third effort, and a fourth effort, and as many degrees of effort as may be required to accomplish what we strive to achieve.

- Thomas S. Monson
I urge you to hold fast to your standards. I plead with you not to waver.

- Thomas S. Monson

When The Blessings Seem Few

When the tragedies seem many
And the blessings seem few
When your mourning someone loved
And your loved on leaves you too
When life's a constant struggle
And you can't see your way and don't know what to do
Pray for him to guide you and he will see you through

When you find yourself on your knees
And the ground laughs at you
When your world is spinning fast
and going out of view
When you cling to your last hope
and it too falls through
Pray to him to guide the heart inside of you

When the sky is falling
and you can't catch your breath
When the world has run from you
and you're the only one left
When you scream out for help
and everyone else is deaf
Call to him and he will answer you

When you reach the end of old
It's the beginning of the new
when you lose sight of things you love
new loves come into view
When your out of luck
you've still got you
Pray to him and he will get you through


If you find one thing in life that makes you happy
You've been fortunate
If you achieve one thing in life you're proud of
You've been lucky
If you find just one friend, who lasts, who truly cares for you
You've been touched by an angel
If you lose everything, have nothing, but find true love
You'll know of life's greatest blessing
If you've struggled, have dreamed, have aspired, have tried and it all comes to nothing..keep faith, God will take you back to Heaven
The ones who held you in their heart will meet you there

By an Unknown author

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

This past weekend my Mom and brothers went to Disney Land with our Grandma Dee and her family which is my mom new step family, from what she says they are all very nice people. So while they were in California my sister and I went and stayed with our Grandpa cause he's old and can't really take care of himself anymore it was way fun and it was a plus cause we don't really get out very often. And this weekend we are supposed to go to our Uncle Brent and Aunt Ladawn's place for a family get together type of thing their fun to be around my cousin (their daughter) is almost a month older than me she is my only cousin that I am pretty close to. Well when something else interesting happens I'll tell ya.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

October 14, 2008

I love music, Camping, and Beading. I am 15 years old and have no life. My sister and I are home schooled by our mom. As I mentioned I have One sister and two younger brothers I am the oldest child in our family my sister is almost 14 my little brothers are 9 and 6. I've been out of state twice and both of them where an interesting experience.